Al-Maqsood Education System is a platform that offers standard education under the blissful guidance of a known and expert educationist Hazrat Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi (may Allah Almighty raises him in his sublime stations). This institution provides quality education that meets all the standards of modern education. It is a fact that the education being given in colleges and universities is much different from the education being given in the traditional religious schools. This disparity has historical roots deeply penetrated in the system of education introduced by Lord Macaulay, the British governor-general for India about a hundred and seventy years ago. This resulted in the bifurcation of education given in government run schools, colleges and universities and these religious schools. Those who were enrolled in these schools and colleges, they were devoid of any religious training and orientation while the students who were enrolled in these religious schools had nothing to do with modern development taking place in the realm of education both social and scientific fields. This was a big blow to a major section of society who were kept away from temporal education.

Al-Maqsood Education System has laid the foundation of that education system that is not bifurcated between religious and temporal or religious and scientific education. It has striven to combine both religious and scientific education to provide an ideal blend of education that caters both the fields of human life. This is a first step towards the rectification of that historical blunder that they made when they split this education into worldly and religious. At Al-Maqsood Education System education is a unique blend where our students not only get necessary religious education, but also made aware of the great strides made in the realm of social and natural sciences. Though this is a first step, we are always doing our best to improve upon it to make it work for the needs of emerging society.

Students are inducted into this system at the primary level. They are taught the whole school years up to the university level teaching both religious and non-religious disciplines. Besides this, an effort is made to train these graduates in moral education and good manners. Besides these traditional disciplines, these students are taught contemporary languages (Arabic, English etc.) and give up to date computer literacy to prepare them for the 21st century challenges. They are given lessons in Islamic and world history and scouting. These are some of the features that make it distinctive and different from others.

This education system envisions setting up of Quran networks, cadet colleges, law colleges, engineering universities, technology and management universities. Al-Maqsood Education System is glad to announce the establishment of an international level institute ‘Al-Maqsood Research Center’ This center is working on multiple projects. At the one hand, it prepares and compiles syllabuses for the institutions being run under the banner of Al-Maqsood Education System, researchers are busy in producing research writings, referencing of the materials and general research activities.