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Eid ul Adha is the sunnah (manner) of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) which was so appreciated by Allah that He made it obligatory in the sharia of the Prophet Muhammad(saw) till the Day of Judgment. The festival of sacrifice is celebrated in the world enthusiastically. The whole Ummah presents the concepts of fraternity. All Muslims are benefited by each other from the sacrificing festival. All praise be to Allah, Islami Roohani Mission also takes part actively in the great task and tries too to involve the needy and poor in the pleasant event.

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Eid ul Adha is one of the signs of Allah and He so appreciated the act of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) that He kept his (Ibrahim’s) sacrificing manner alive till the last day. Eid ul Adha causes to create the passion of the reverence of the Prophets (as), obedience and worship in devotion to Allah. Furthermore, eid ul Adha creates the passion of religious fraternity and affability and sacrifice in the Islamic society. Eid ul Adha also causes Pleasants, economic benefits for both employers and employees in the Muslim Ummah.

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The cost of the share in the sacrificing animal is issued one month ago of Eid ul Adha. All sacrificing animals are sent to their centers respectively before some days of Eid ul Adha. All the essential aspects which are the parts of the animal sacrificing activity are monitored and performed vigilantly and with profound devotion.

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On a great scale, a cattle farm being near Toll Plaza just adjacent to superhighway is established wherein the abundance of cattle are brought before a certain period of Eid ul Adha by our vigilant and well-experienced staff. For three to four months the cattle are cared by the experienced staff. At a proper time, the distributions and sales of the cattle are implemented. Various Madaaris (Islamic schools) and Masaajid in the city Karachi get benefits for purchasing and sacrificing animals from Almaqsood cattle farm.


In Karachi, many sacrificing centers are established under the supervision of Islami Roohani Mission. To these centers, cattle are supplied by Almaqsood cattle farm. The planning is going to be extended to the provincial and countrywide levels in the future.

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Sacrificing animals’ skins are collected from both the sacrificing centers established by the mission as well as from the public in general and sold to top Godowns dealers. Furthermore, the consumption of the amount earned from the sacrificing animals’ skins is utilized as per the shariah of Islam. The consumption description is as follows:

  • For the poor students studying in varsities (Jamiyaat)
  • For the journeys of Mubaligheen students (who are busy in propagating the mission of Islam)
  • For the treatment of the poor and helping for the needy people to marry
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Islami Roohani Mission manages the sacrifice for the endowment as well as persuades the wealthy people to devote the entire or half of the sacrificing animal’s flesh for the needy and poor awaiting for the animal flesh even across the year.

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The rich are requested to devote their money for sacrificing animals flesh to the needy and poor in order that the destitute can also enjoy Eid ul Adha happiness.