Islami Roohani MIssion offers plenty of courses from its very platform. This list of courses is comprise of various religious, civil, social, medical, scout and vocational courses. These courses are offered to every individual of the society without any difference of race or colour.

Regular Courses

  1. Fehm E Deen
  2. Tarjumah tul Quraan
  3. Imamamt
  4. Muballig
  5. Scouting
  6. Aahkam UN Nisa

Distant Learning Courses

  1. Faslati Tarbiyati Course
  2. Maqsood ud Dunia Wal Akhirah

Online Courses

  1. Fehm e Deen
  2. Aahkam UN Nisa
  3. Tarjamah tul Quran