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Introduction to Preaching Departments

Islami Roohani Mission is striving hard to discriminate the teachings of Islam along with social services to humanity. This activity centers round well fare and reformation and unity of Muslim Ummah.

In order to perform preaching effectively, this has been divided into different departments to coordinate these efforts.

Public Relations (Rawabat Bain Al-Muslimeen)

This department acts as the backbone of all the preaching activities. Library offices have been established throughout the country under its banner to provide the opportunity to further the cause of preaching. At these offices, local organizational structure is established to coordinate the activities properly. The chief of these library offices receives instructions from the main office and implements the local plans.

Membership Form Committee: There is a Hadith that says that when you make friends with someone, get his name and tribal identity. This committee is committed to transmit the right information to the right person at the right time.
Central Coordinating Committee: This committee comprises the main members of the at the given area and strives hard to coordinates preaching activities with other members at regional level.
Archives committee: This committee is established to turn your houses veritably a garden of paradise. This committee comprises members from central, provincial and regional level members.

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This committee makes arrangements to establish regional and local offices as demanded by the Fuqura of any area. It is reported in a Hadith that when people sit and remember Allah Almighty in a place, the denizen of heavens see that place as glittering as the people of earth see the glittering sun on the sky.
Fund Collection Committee: This committee makes sure that the prescribed monthly fund is collected amicably. It has been decided that all the members of Islami Roohani Mission will contribute three (3) rupees daily to the central fund. This money is spent on different social and welfare projects undertaken by Islami Roohani Mission. These projects include provision of funds to arrange marriages of the poor and destitute, helping poor students in getting their education, provision of clean water, welfare and wellbeing of widows and poor by providing them with monthly edibles.
Media and Communication Committee: This committee has been establish to coordinate all the media and communication related activities effectively.

Tarbiyat-e-Islami Department

Under the supervision of this department Islamic academic and training courses are arranged that are helping Muslims to get necessary knowledge about Islam and the Holy Quran. Under the guidance of this department, the following courses are being run:

Faham-e-Deen Course
Online Training Course
ShashadaUla fi Faham al-Islam (Akhi level)
Shashada As-Saniya fi Faham al-Islam (Muhib level)
Al-Shashada Al-Salsa fi Faham al-Islam (Mukhlis level)
Preacher Course
Ahkam Al-Binat al-Islam (A course for girls)
Imamat Course

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Al-Quran Translation Course
Istiqbal-e-Ramazan Course
Itikhaf Course
Shariat Course
Naat Course

These course are run based on three methods: (1) face to face classes  (2) online classes  (3) the methodology used by Open University (distant learning methodology)

Curriculum Committee: This committee is being run under the supervision of Al-Maqsood Research Center. This research center is working under Al-Maqsood Education Center where these courses are arranged under different categories. This committee compiles syllabuses for these courses. It has the jurisdiction to revise or revoke any syllabus for these courses.
Examination Committee: This committee arranges for the exams for the course mentioned above.
Online Courses Committee: This committee supervises all the online course being conducted at Islami Roohani Mission Platform This also makes sure that all the tutors and course participants get the books and relevant materials.
Course Coordinating Committee: This committee is entrusted the responsibility to oversee the arrangements of all the courses (face to face & online). It makes sure that maximum participants enter these courses by advertising these courses at different media platforms, arranging classes, the tutors and issuing the attendance certificates.
Coordination & Record: This committee keeps the record of all the courses being run, making sure that all the arrangements are well under placed, keeping the record of the students, the tutors, arranging books and bags; keeping record of all other things needed in these courses and at the center.

Preachers & Mobile Missions (Mobaligheen & Wafood Department)

Under the supervision of this department, different preaching missions are sent to different parts of the country. These missions not only meet local Muslims to raise their awareness of their responsibility to Islam, but also preach Islam to Non-Muslims. These mission travel to every province, district and towns to disseminate the real pristine teachings of Islam. They go to the Library Offices established in different parts of the country. It is our intention to send these missions abroad too. In this regard, we need active help of well to do people.

Missions Committee: It is reported that whosoever travels in the way of Allah and dust covers his face, his face will not be touched by hell fire. This committee arranges different tour missions to different parts of the country. This committee contact relevant people in those areas and arranges logistic support for these missions. In some cases, this committee gets the feedback from the people of the area about the activities of preaching missions. These missions are send at provincial, district and town levels.
They are sent weekly, monthly or annually.

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Congregations & Agenda Management: This department makes sure to gather all those people who are connected with Islami Roohani Mission and others to the programs arranged at the central, provincial and district level. This department is also responsible for arranging programs at Library Offices to provide people with a platform where they can get right Islamic guidance and realize their dream of unity and reformation of Islamic polity. In this regard, this department arranges a three days annual program at the main center, two day program at provincial level and one day program at divisional level.

Committee for Preachers: This committee helps prepare the minds of the people to go out in these preaching missions to spread the message of Allah Almighty. Besides this, this committee coordinates with Islamic Training Department to prepare these preachers for their preaching mission providing logistic support. In order to facilitate this process, the department of Islamic Training has complied a special syllabus that highlights the nobility of preaching in Islam and setting on a journey in the way of Allah Almighty. It is avoided to indulge in the issues that are contentious among Muslim academia. These preaching missions are trained to be patient during travel in case they come across any difficulty. They are advised to provide for provisions to their family members before setting out on these preaching missions.

Programs Agenda Committee: This committee sets the agenda for the programs organized both at the center and provincial levels. This is not only responsible to run the programs but also the communicate between the participants to run these programs smoothly.

Mosques Imams Committee: This committee is responsible for any possible activities being done in the mosques and take care the affairs and issues of Imams of the mosques.

Khanqah Committee: This committee is established to coordinate and generate links with the spiritual masters of different Khanqah and Islami Roohani Mission.

Al-Maqsood Quran Network Committee:Al-Maqsood Quran Network arranges for Quranic recitation for the children (who are learning how to recite the Holy Quran), Tahfeez (memorization) and Tajweed (how to recite with right pronunciation) of the Holy Quran, basic Quran education and Duas recitation given in Hadith. This committee oversee all these activities being run under the banner of Al-Maqsood Quran Network.

Records Committee:This committee keeps the record of the activities of the following: (1) All the preachers and those who have already attended the courses (2) keeping the record of all the preaching mission sent to different parts of the country and the hosts of those missions (3) the record of spiritual masters of others Khanqahs (4) keeping the record of the achievements of these missions, making reports on these missions, keeping the record of all other (smaller or bigger) programs being arranged, setting the agendas of these programs, Masajid Committees, maintain the record of Al-Maqsood Quran Network (5) and the record of all the activities of the students and tutors of the courses being run at Islami Roohani Mission. This committee has devised special forms to keep the record of weekly and monthly programs being run under its supervision.

Al-Maqsood Centers Management (Marakiz Maqsood Ul Uloom)

This department is striving to establish Islamic institutes and centers that work for the service of religion and society without any distinction for color or creed. Besides this, these centers provide the common people a platform where unity, brotherhood and love and peace is forged among the people of different strata of society. This is important given the background of religious extremism that is inflicting our society. These centers provides a bread ground for love and sanity among people catering for our religious and cultural values.

The centers established by this department provide people a perfect place for spiritual and religious reformation. This includes the establishment of religious universities, mosques, Al-Maqsood Quran Network schools and other schools. In order to provide for the poor people, it is planned to open free clinics for the welfare of poor people.

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  • Documentation Committee: This committee is responsible for preparing (legal) documents for the centers established at national, provincial, district and local levels under the supervision of Islami Roohani Mission. The legal unit of Islami Roohani Mission provides its advice in case of any need.
  • Accommodation Committee: This committee makes the surveys of possible venues offered by people (for making centers at their places) so that new centers are built according to set rules and procedures. This committee also makes sure that all the activities at these centers run smoothly and keeps a watch on construction, monetary and organizational affairs of these centers
  • Planning Committee: This committee works on the recommendations of Accommodation Committee and plans for the potential places for the new centers. This committee makes short term, mid and long- term planning about these centers. This helps make the construction process smooth. Besides this, this committee oversees the buying and selling affairs.
  • Committee for International Center: All the committees that have been formed (construction, janitorial, maintenance, store keeping, reception, economic and managerial etc.) for International Center are under the supervision of this committee. Besides this, this coordinates with regional and provincial centers.
  • Record Committee: This committee keeps the record of International Center and all the regional and provincial centers. This record is kept both in hard and soft forms. This record includes store inventories, building inventories and all other kinds of registers that keep record of financial and administrative affairs. Along with this, this takes care of the legal record concerning the mission.

Al-Maqsood Students Department


This department has been established in order to direct the energies and potential of our students towards constructive and productive things. In this way, they not only build on their own careers positively, but also contribute in the well-being of the society at large. About 60% of Pakistan’s population consists of youth. If we make the best use of this youthful energy, this can guarantee the progress and development of our country. This will also make sure that no evil force can use them for any nefarious activity in the country.

Under the auspices of this department, regular efforts are made to guide our youth in choosing their educational and career path and calling others towards education who are not students by organizing seminars, workshops, future day and training courses. We have also introduced scouting to help channel these youthful energies in the positive direction.

  • Progress Committee: This committee arranges conferences and workshops to help out youth grow constructively. These workshops and courses are not only useful in their educational context but also help them become strong in their practical life. These courses include Faham-e-Deen Curse, Preachers’ Course, Leadership Course, Time Management Course and Scouting Course.
  • Interpersonal Committee: This committee is assigned to keep personal contact among the young people across the regions and provinces. Those places or institution where Al-Maqsood Committees don’t exist, this makes arrangement to form them.
  • Events & Conventions Committee: This committee organizes events and conventions to guide our youth in their educational, ideological and intellectual fields.
  • Students Committee: This committee is entrusted with the responsibility to channel the potentials of our students in the positive direction by organizing different events. This provides opportunities to the students to take an active part in healthy and constructive activities to keep them away extremists elements of the society.
  • Record Committee: This committee keeps the records of all the events being run under the auspices of Al-Maqsood Al-Islam students. This includes the personal records of all the office bearers, all the students and the record of all the courses being run under its supervision. Besides this, this committee maintains the weekly and monthly record of the progress being made in these events.

Muslim Women Department


This department organizes Islamic Studies course and conferences to guide Muslim women. When they pass through these course, they not only get the Islamic knowledge and enlightenment to secure peace of heart and mind, but also become a healthy and enlightened member of their families, society and the country. These course are contributing positively in the well being of Muslim women. Some new chapters have been added to the existing books to extend the breath of their knowledge. Under this training system, these woman are trained to be good preachers, Naat reciters and group and public speaking. Above all, these woman get right Islamic knowledge and guidance to understand true place and worth of a woman in Ilsamic polity.

  • Women Preacher Committee: This committee organizes and oversees women courses and training workshops. Besides this, it plans, organizes and executes all the programs arranged by Binat-e-Islam Department.
  • Binat Al-Islam Training Committee: This committee arranges Faham-e-Deen Course, Woman Preacher Course, Nazara& Tajweed Course, Quran Translation and Distant Learning Programs for women. This includes not only successfully running these courses but issue certificates to the attendees.
  • Organizing Committee: This committee takes care of all the organizing activities such as security for the programs conducted, other administrative affairs like organizing stalls and canteens for the attendees.
  • Interpersonal Committee for Women: This committee gets reports after giving instructions taken from the central department. Besides this, it deals with membership forms, funds and mission literature.
  • Scouting Committee: This committee is responsible for women scouting and related activities.
  • Record Committee: This committee keeps the record of all the programs conducted by Binal Al-Islam Department.

Scouting & Social Welfare


This department organizes scout training with the formal name “M Scouts Group”, “Shaheen”, “Boy Scout”, “Rovers”, and “Senior Rovers”. These scout groups have been formed and registered formally and their branches have been opened in many parts of the country. This process of opening these groups is still in progress. These scout groups takes part in welfare activities in case of civil emergencies such as floods, earthquakes etc. Besides this, this department holds events such as Free Medical Camp, Traffic Control, Blood Donations, and Social Reformation Camps to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. An Ambulance Service will soon be added to this list.

  • Events Committee: This committee is responsible for arranging events and programs under the auspices of Scouting and Social Welfare department on different occasions as outlined in the annual calendar. This includes camping, picnics, passing out seminars and other programs arranged by the mission.
  • Social Work Committee: This committee is responsible for helping traffic police directing the traffic (on special occasions), organizing blood donation camps, tree plantation campaigns at the regional and provincial levels, organizing Sahur and Iftar during the month of Ramadan. This committee is ready to coordinate with government agencies and mission activities when the need arises.
  • Trainees Development Committee: This committee plans and organizes programs for the scouts who have already completed their scout training to further their training to higher level. This deals with all the scouting related activities including arranging place sand provide for the resources for these events.
  • Record Committee: This committee keeps the record of all scouting related events and activities including social welfare projects like camping, picnics, hiking, passing out, seminars, medical camps, blood donations and tree plantation drives etc.

Islamic Scholars


This department provides a platform to all the scholars both inside the country and abroad. This platform provide them opportunities to contribute by scholarly writings, publishing books, teaching and learning and guide Muslim Ummah. In this regard, work is being done to establish Jamiat Ulema-e-Maqsood Al-Islam. Our Reverend Sheikh Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi has condemned all the division based on sectional differences and religious differences and issuing Fatwa to declare Muslims as Non-Muslims. He has been preaching tolerance and the right teachings of Islam free from all sectional and religious differences to create a peaceful atmosphere in the religious community. He established an international mission Islami Roohani Mission to coordinate his efforts to collectively. The religious scholars who are connected with this mission feel strongly that efforts need to be put to disseminate his message all across the world. In order to further this message universities, religious schools and mosques have been set up to provide these religious scholars a much needed platform and coordinate their efforts to achieve the goals of unity of Muslim Ummah.

  • Inter-Scholars Committee: The main responsibility of this committee is to establish connections with the scholars to further the cause of the mission. This committee arranges programs and seminars for these scholars. This also makes arrangements for the students of the universities to establish connections with the students of other universities in order to share knowledge and experience.
  • Courses Development Committee: This committee provides for writing Fatwa, Imamat, computer literacy and English language courses and other disciplines to religious education (Arabic grammar etc.) This committee strives to provides these necessary inputs to our students before their go into practical life.
  • Ulema Committee: Those religious scholars who approach our mission through Inter-scholars committee and Course Development committee, this committee makes sure that we make the best use of the potential these religious scholars in the service of Islam in general and for the mission in particular. This is the main responsibility of this committee to deal with these scholars as writers, researchers and speakers. Besides this, this committee tries its best to arrange for job opportunities for the scholars who join the mission.
  • Record Committee: This committee keeps the record of all the activates, seminars, workshops and other programs organized by and for these scholars.

Information Technology


In the present times, no one can deny the importance of information technology. This is a powerful tool that can be both destructive and constructive depending upon how it is being used. If this weapon falls in the hands of evil people, this can be very destructive as it can be seen in the present times. Islami Roohani Mission felt the need to establish a separate department to harness this great potential in furthering our message all across the world. In this regard, Islami Roohani Mission has launched its websites, YouTube channel and social media accounts to reach to the maximum humanity. By using this medium, Islami Roohani Mission is trying to disseminate eternal message of Islam all across the world. It has been projecting and telecasting the speeches of Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Ealhi Naqshbandi live on social media and YouTube. Mission is trying to open a web TV station to enhance our reach to the viewers.

  • Designing Committee: This committee designs different social media posts under the guidance of the central committee. This also designs the titles of the books and other publications printed by Islami Roohani Mission.
  • Video Editing Committee: Committee makes video recordings of all the weekly, monthly and annual programs and edit these videos in short video clips to publish them on the social media. Besides this, this committee covers all the mission related information videos, documentaries and mission related video coverage.
  • Social Media Committee: All the social media related material is compiled and edited by this committee. This committee manages mission’s websites, You Tube channel and other social media accounts to spread the message of Islam.
  • Networks & Maintenance Committee: This committee is responsible for maintenance of mission’s websites and software being used at the centers and regional level. This also looks after issues related to networking and computer maintenance.
  • General IT Committee: This committee deals with live transmissions done for mission’s activities. This deals with issues like SMS, Alerts and Live video etc. This also provides help to other departments in technical affairs. This also covers weekly and monthly programs at the main center.
  • Co-Ordination and Record Committee: This committee receives materials from other departments and makes it part of designing and video editing, getting the materials translated to other languages especially into English language. This committee makes plans to propagate its message effectively and counter the opposite and negative narrative properly. This ensures the quality of the material being prepared for social media publication and making plans to upgrade the quality of this material. This committee works sorting and storing the digital content and make the back-up.
  • Software& Website Development Committee: This committee is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the websites of the mission. This is also responsible for the security of these websites and materials published on them.



This department strives to publish Islamic books, literature and publications of different scholars and speeches of Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Ealhi Naqshbandi, his letters and other Islamic reformative writings including famous Al-Maqsood Magazine. This department is not only responsible for publishing this literature but also responsible for distribution and logistics handling of this literature. Keeping in mind the nature of our reformative and welfare mission, this department makes sure that this literature is distributed at the minimum price and even distributed freely where needed. This also oversee all the activities related to printing invitation cards, educational certificates and annual calendar etc.

  • Selling & Distribution: This unit makes arrangements for the publications and distributions of materials published by the mission at regional, provincial, national and international level. This also oversee the commercial sale of the materials. This unit establishes stalls in different parts of the country to sell the literature and arrange for the postal delivery of the material to distant places too.
  • Printing Committee: This committee is responsible for publishing and printing of all types of the materials under the banner of Islami Roohani Mission. All types of printing such as hand bills, brochures, visiting cards, stage stickers, registers, curricular books (for mission schools), diaries and receipt books are done by this committee.
  • Press Committee: This committee is responsible for project mission’s policy on electronic media and print media. The internal journalistic activities are managed by this committee.
  • Pukar Event Committee: This committee arrange for peaceful demonstrations to highlight religious, social and reformative issues facing our society.
  • Co-Ordination & Record Committee: This committee is responsible to keeping record and delivery of all the materials published under the banner of Islami Roohani Mission to different stalls in the country and delivery through mail service. This keeps record of all the material such as brochures, hand bills, visiting cards, VIP cards, stage stickers, registers, curricular books, receipts etc. in the software form.

Govt. Private Sector Relations


This department has been established to excess different governmental departments to disseminate the pristine of message of Islam and instill the reformative spirit to bring a reformative change in our society. The network of these department makes the main structure ad backbone of any civilized society. If these departments are well established and active, that society develops and thrives and if these departments malfunction, no one can stop the decline of that society. Keeping this in mind, Islami Roohani Mission has established this department to coo-ordinate efforts to approach these departments to bring a reformative change in people working in these departments. This department arranges different events and programs in these governmental department to deliver our message.

  • Inter- Relations Committee: This committee is responsible for taking instructions from the main center and deliver them to the sub-committees in these governmental departments. This also receives reports from those sub-committees.
  • Preachers & Delegates Committees: This committee makes arrangements for sending preachers and delegates to these departments. This also oversee the progress of these delegates and preaching activities. If mission gets any invitation from any department, this committee makes arrangements for sending preachers to these departments.
  • Visit & Stay Committee: If Islami Roohani Mission gets any invitation from any department, this committee makes arrangements ofestablishing sub-committees and running the programs successfully. If these sub-committees already exist in these departments, this committee makes arrangements for visits.
  • Record Committee:This committee makes record list of the government departments list, the record of the visits done to these departments and maintaining record of all other affairs related to these visits.

Vicegerents Operations


This department comprises all Khulafa-e-Karam whom our revered Murshid Karim has chosen as his deputies (Khalifa) and they are dispensing their respective duties (preaching Islam) in their respective areas. They oversee preaching activities at district level and are actively engaged in solving other social needs (giving medical treatment etc.) of the society too.

Our Murshid Karim has deputed these deputies to the district level; they are the chosen devotees that have magnetic personalities to call common masses towards the message of Islam. Their message, like the message of their Murshid, descends all the sectional and religious differences, focusing on the pristine and pure teachings of Islam and guiding people to the right path.

These Khulafa Karam (deputies) works at upper level whereas all the administrative affairs are looked after by other Fuqra under their guidance and supervision. They are busy in training Fuqra and other people of their religious, social and spiritual training. Their very presence provides the apex of mission at different places providing centrality to the mission.

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