IRM is doing a lot in the field of education. Our schools are running in and outside Pakistan. Day by day we are expanding the sphere of our welfare institutions which are working like NGOs.????

Technical College

There is no denying that nation without technical education cannot bring the country to the sky of prosperity. Therefore we are planning to establish technical colleges.

Cadet College

It is an established fact that nation which isn’t militarily strong cannot succumb in this world. Keeping in view the fact we want to establish the network of cadet colleges so as to create military officials to make the country unassailable.

Management Sciences Institute

Management science (MS) is the broad interdisciplinary study of problem solving and decision making in human organizations, with strong links to management, economics, business, engineering, management consulting, and other sciences. Therefore to develop, organize and allocate human resources to local and international market, we are opening Management Sciences Institutes.

Islamic Sciences Institute

Islamic Sciences examine and analyze the fourteen century-old Islamic science and culture heritage of faith, worship, law, and morality with an academic understanding based on the main sources of Islam. We will try to produce solutions to current religious problems by making use of the knowledge and technological developments of the modern age. Therefore we are trying to set up Islamic Sciences Institutes. The Institute will comprise the following departments: Department of Qur’anic Exegesis, Department of Hadith, Department of Kalam and History of Islamic Sects, Department of Islamic Law, Department of Sufism, Department of Arabıc Language and Rhetoric and Department of Qur’an Reading and Qur’an Science.


We are planning to set up hostels in our educational institutes so that we can house our students coming from far-flung areas.

Sports Facilities

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Therefore they need relaxation of mind.  Sports activities for being physically fit are as necessary as education for mental development of men. That’s why we provide sports facilities to our students. We are planning to provide more sports facilities.

Law College

We are planning to lay the foundation of Law college in near future so that we can we can provide lawyers to the nation.

Medical / Research Colleges

We are planning to lay the foundation of medical and research in near future so that we can we can provide doctors and researchers to the nation.

Engineering University

No one can deny the importance of engineering in the field of technology. Keeping in view the necessity of the same, we are planning to set up the Engineering University soon.