Prayer Imam Course

What is this?

  • Recitation with Tajweed: There is no doubt that correct pronunciation of the Holy Quran is one of the basic right of the Holy Quran. These Imams (prayer leaders) are trained in reciting the Holy Quran correctly.
  • Fiqh Ruling on Imamat: Imams are taught basic Fiqh rulings on different aspects of Imamat (prayer leadership).

When is this arranged?

This course is arranged once a year by Islami Roohani Mission at its main center, MarkazMaqsood ul Uloom, Liaqat Abad Karachi.

How we do it?

  • Classes are arranged to do it.
  • A certain time period is set to do it.
  • Books and notes are arranged to provide enough literature on the subject. By reading these books and notes, the attendees will be able to get through the course easily.
  • At the end of the course, an exam is given to test the progress of the course. The successful learners are given certificates of course completion.

Where we do this?

  • Mosques: This course is arranged in the local mosques of different areas.
  • Schools: This course is also arranged in the chain of schools established by Islami Roohani Mission, Pakistan.
  • Centers: Islamic centers established by Islami Roohani Mission, Pakistan arrange this course in different parts of Pakistan and abroad.
  • Al-Maqsood Quran Network: Those Imams who participate in this course, they are provided an opportunity to practice Imamat at centers established by Islami Roohani Mission, Pakistan. This affords them a chance to practice what they learn at this course.

What are the benefits?

  • This course prepares the Imams to perform their duties efficiently.
  • They are encouraged to be confident while leading the prayers.
  • This provides them a chance to earn their living decently.
  • They are able to win the pleasure of Allah Almighty.
  • They are well prepared to bring tangible reformation in the society through their speeches and leadership role in the mosques.

Our Request!

  • Encourage the talented youth to come forward and take part in this course.
  • If you are already an Imam or has got religious education and want to lead prayers, come and get admission in this course.
  • You may offer your schools or places like centers etc. to run this course.