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This is a separate and permanent stack of departments in Islami Roohani Mission which streamline, organize and administer several kinds of operation according to the internal and external needs of Organization.

Stack of propagation (Tableeg) departments is actually a soul and one stack of administrative departments. Both are compulsory components for each other.  Body without soul is dead and useless, similarly the soul needs a body to perform different functions. Union of both is mandatory.

Then faculties working under this department will be discussed in the coming pages, which are working with full swing.

Event Management Department

This department organizes congregations, conferences, workshops, Itiqaf during Ramadan and other activities of Islami Roohani Mission. Planning is done to arrange the programs by this department. For this, the department takes the recommendations of the Ameer of other departments and plans the events. At the end of the program, the pack up and transportation is also its responsibility.

This department is contacting the affluent people to provide the necessities for organizing congregations. The department is divided in different groups to perform different functions.


Booking Management Committee

Operation Management Committee

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Purchasing Management Committee

Assets Management Committee

Sacrificial leather Management Committee

Coordination and Record Committee

Accountability Bureau

This department guides the people associated with Islami Roohani Mission in a right direction in the light of the teachings of chains of Naqshbandi Owlia Allah and the peer o murshid.

This department brings the activists and workers of Islami Roohani Mission to account. Whereas keeping an eye on the activities of activists and properly guide is the responsibility of this department.

During accountability, it also imposes some instructions for spiritual reformation e any member of Islami Roohani Mission. It may include sending preaching delegations, keeping fasts, observing nafli Itiqaf, Offering nawafil, attending a course or workshop assigned for service as the compensation of the mistakes, etc.

This department also permanently or partially dismisses the transgressors. He may be permanently rusticated thereby terminating the membership of any transgressing members. Such punishments are suggested and such cases are referred to Nazim-e-Aala.

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  1. Central Inspection Board
  2. Evaluation and Resolving Management
  3. Central Investigation Committee
  4. Dispute Cross-Check Committee
  5. Coordination and Record Committee

Education Department

The Islami Roohani Mission endeavors to establish a chain of schools where education is imparted to the poor and less privileged on affordable price so that leaders for tomorrow can be prepared.

Al-Maqsood Education System is progressing very rapidly imparting not only quality education with practical scientific aspects but also training on religious-ethical ground. The day will come when this rising sun will provide a great platform to Muslim Ummah. .


Administration Committee

Finance Committee

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Academic Committee

Assets Management Committee

Counseling, Research and Development Committee

Coordination and Record Committee

Finance Department

Finance is the most important element for humanity, progress and prosperity, reformation of society and preaching. This is proved by the prophet SAW and his companions as well.

Allah says in the holy Quran: Or help one another in righteousness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and injustice. (Chapter: Maida, Verse: 2)

Islami Roohani Mission has established a complete department to manage resources and expenses. The resources are Zakat, Fitrah, Sadqat, Sacrificial leather (skin of sacrificial animals) and also financial assistance from affluent people, income from businesses run by Islami Roohani Mission, monthly funds from the member of Islami Roohani Mission, profit from books sale. Whereas the expenses include honorarium of teachers and students, constructions and development of Islamic centers, congregations, preaching delegations, Islamic courses, training itiqaf and services of Al-Maqsood Welfare Trust.

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  1. Fund Raising Committee
  2. Fund Collection Committee
  3. Fund Business Committee
  4. Audit Committee
  5. Fund Management Committee
  6. VIP Fund Management Committee
  7. Coordination and Record Committee

Research and Development Department

This department cogitates over the present and future problems to be or may be confronted by Islami Roohani Mission and in the light of predictions the steps are suggested to cope with the problems. The job description of this department includes:

  1. Review the management of other organizations working in the world
  2. Getting the suggestions from our members
  3. Benefiting from the educated people
  4. Getting the consent from Khulfa-e-Karam
  5. Keeping in view the problems and hurdles, getting the opinions of field experts
  6. Presenting the efforts, problems and impediments before the founder of Islami Roohani Mission
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Experts in the above mentioned fields have been nominated to work in this department.


  1. Analysis Committee
  2. Evaluation Committee
  3. Solution Purposing Committee
  4. Counseling Committee
  5. Coordination and Record Committee

Legal Help Department

This department includes people who are experts in country and international laws. It is intended to provide legal support to deserving and poor people who lack knowledge and resources for court matters.

The legal matters of Islami Roohani Mission are discussed and steps are taken according to the opinions of legal experts. The department has been established to raise the voice of the victimized and crippled class so that injustice can be eradicated and just can prevail.

This department also organizes workshops, seminars to give awareness of national laws and their mode of implementation especially the comparison of Islamic laws and national laws.

This department also guides the lawyers and judges belonging to Islami Roohani Mission.

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  1. NOC’S Permissions Management
  2. Property Documents Management
  3. Legal Dispute Management
  4. By-laws Modification Management
  5. Trustees Sales Management Committee
  6. Coordination and Record Committee

Al-Maqsood Welfare Trust

Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi laid the foundation of service to humanity and Preaching of Islam along with propagation of the message of Awlia Allah individually. Time has made an ocean of people. So he laid the foundation of a Welfare Trust with the name of Al-Maqsood Welfare Trust.

I tread individually to my destination.

People joined and made it a caravan.

Al-Maqsood Welfare Trust is responsible for welfare and Reformative tasks.

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  1. Social welfare: it includes
  2. Treatment of incurable diseases without fee Fi Sabeelillah
  3. Distribution of Ration
  4. Collective Qurbani and Division of Meat
  5. Distribution of Food
  6. Job Assistance
  7. Helping Activities in natural catastrophe like earthquake or flood, etc.
  8. Free Computer Courses
  9. Dependence of Needy students, etc.
  10. Reformation Services
  11. Al-Maqsood Quran network
  12. Madaris
  13. Jamiaat
  14. Masajid
  15. Islamic courses
  16. Reformative books

Reformative Training Workshops / Seminars

In future projects include

  1. Free laboratories
  2. Free clinics
  3. Free education


  1. Visiting Committee
  2. Acting Committee
  3. Projects Analysis Committee
  4. Propaganda Committee
  5. Fund Management Committee
  6. Coordination and Record Committee

Construction And Maintenance Department

As the name indicates this department is responsible for new construction and renovation of old construction of Jamiat, madaris, masajid, schools, and khanqahs. The objective is to construct in minimum possible cost and maximum durability and strength so that the charity donated by people may not be wasted.

This department motivates contractors, labors, electricians, plumbers, civil engineers belonging to Islami Roohani Mission for contributing their time , energy and finance . Fir this purpose, their record is maintained.

All Islamic welfare centers are working.

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  1. Visit Committee
  2. Planning Committee
  3. Assets Management Committee
  4. Central Construction Committee
  5. Central Maintenance Committee
  6. Coordination and Record Committee

Honorary Board of Donors

This is an honorary department in which people whom Allah has bestowed money and authority are honorary registered.

This department collects special monthly funds which are spent on different Reformative and welfare projects. Thousands of people have taken advantages which include spending on Jamiat, Preaching delegations and natural sorrow.  This department is directly helping all other faculties.

The membership of this department is expanding day by day.(Soon the impacts of this department will show on Ummat-e-Muslim a especially and humanity in general)

This department arranges seminars and other programs in different cities in which the review of the social welfare work done by Islami Roohani Mission is presented.

Publication and Printing Department

This department deals with the use of print and electronic media to propagate the preaching activities along with the knowledgeable and thoughtful programs of Islami Roohani Mission for the awareness of general public.

In the present world the media is being used to destroy the minds of new generations diverting them from the true path.

Islami Roohani Mission endeavors to guide the youth especially to the path of truth.

This department organizes Pukar Events on different occasions.

It also deals with webTV, organization of TV channel, publishing the newspaper.Monthly Al-Maqsood Magazine is the publication of this department.

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  1. Distribution and Sales Committee
  2. Press Committee (News Room)
  3. Content Development and Collection Committee
  4. Items Making Committee
  5. Assets Management Committee
  6. Coordination and Record

Record Department

This department is responsible to protect the hard and soft data of 13 faculties working under Nizamat Dawat-o-Tableegh and 10 faculties working under Nizamat Intezami Omoor. The Ameer of any department can obtain it from the data centre and Ameer of other department can collect it on the written approval of Nazim e Aala. The collected data includes instructions released from markaz time to time, all kinds of reports, minutes of meetings and decided points which are kept separately in a computer program. It also includes the complete record of Fuqara associated with the Mission. The data keep on updating with the assistance of Shoba Rawabit.

Note: The department is strictly restricted to give access of anybody to the data. Only Ameer of departments are authorized to access.