ALLAH has created man as his vicegerent on earth so that they serve on earth to spread name of ALLAH and to bring the people close the ALLAH, who have gone away.

Prophets have performed this duty for a long time. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is declared least of the messenger by ALLAH so no prophet will be him but the people on the wrong path always need guidance to the right path.

Holy Prophet said “No Prophet will come after are but my vicegerent will continue coming till dooms day”.

It is the blessing of ALLAH that the golden chain in which we are associated is    continue from Holy Prophet (S.A.W) to Hazrat Dr. Professor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi (DA). Hazrat Dr. Maqsood Ilahi Sahab is gifted with such internal, external spiritual expertise that when any person meets him, falls in love and affection with him, with heart and soul.

Awliyah ALLAH are free from greediness of this materilitive benefits while serving Islam. It is certainly blessing of ALLAH that ALLAH has given us chance to Join this golden chain which starts from Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and continued downward through Abu-Bakr (R.A) up to his time.

S. No Name S/O D.O.B Year Of Khilafat City / CountryPreaching
01 Major Mashood Niyazi Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Khan Muhammad Khan 20-11-46 02-1996 Islamabad
02 Dr. Muhammad Fazil Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Noor Farman 05-03-66 07-07-96 Islamabad
03 Mufti Abdul Qadir Maqsoodi (Saeedi) Khan Muhammad Sahab 20-04-63 09-1996 Rahim Yar Khan
04 Allama Muhammad Noor Ali Noori Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Hakim Muhammad Ameer Ali 28-03-61 08-1997 South Africa
05 Col. Tahir Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Muhammad Yousuf (Late) 18-11-67 09-2000 Karachi
06 Abdul Razzaq Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Haji Muhammad Ameen 1971 01-2001 Dubai
07 Dr. Muhammad Fawad Haider Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Mir Haider Khan 02-03-76 01-2004 KPK
08 Prof. Jameel Maqsoodi Naqshbandi (Soudia) Ali Shan 19-05-72 12-2005 Soudia Arab
09 Allama Muhammad Nadeem Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Muhammad Shafi Khan 25-12-66 11-2007 Maputo(South Africa)
10 Allama Muhammad Yasir Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Muhammad Younus 06-06-86 07-08-10 East Punjab
11 Hafiz Abdul Waheed Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Abdul Qadir Sahab 12-05-82 08-2011 England
12 Allama Dr. Ijaz Hussain Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Muhammad Hussain 01-12-77 11-2011 Central Punjab
13 Eng. Naveed Murtaza Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Muhammad Murtaza 22-03-73 09-10-14 Australia
14 Qari Muhammad Deen Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Mian Qiyam Uddin 26-07-72 07-2015 Azad Kashmir
15 Zahid Saeedi Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Fazal-ur-Rehman Khan 25-07-72 02-09-15 Germany
16 Allama Muhammad Faiyyaz Mustafai Maqsoodi Naqshbandi Qari Manzoor Ahmed (Late) 01-01-86 16-11-16 West Punjab