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These days, electronic and print media is spoiling the morals of masses and displaying immoral content justifying it in the name of modernism and progress. If we look at the role of social media, it is far ahead in this role of ethical degeneration. The powers behind these medias are using them as a ploy to influence their own set agenda. It is one of the rule of nature that if a negative power is influencing the affairs, you need even a greater positive power to counter the effects of this negative force or at of the same power to halt the movement of that negative force.

The Holy Quran has the potential to stop this flood trail of moral degeneration being spread on these medias. In fact, the Holy Quran has worked for centuries as a corrective force to stem the tide of negative influences the world in general and Muslim societies in particular. Islami Roohani Mission is one such corrective force that is striving to stop this flux of immorality. The founder of Islami Roohani Mission, Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi has written many books on the topics of social reformation, spiritualism and health to help humanity face this onslaught of evil forces. He has presented the pristine teachings of Islam to the people to help them guide on the Right Path. Besides this, Islami Roohani Mission, has set up an organization Al-Maqsood Research Center to organize these reformative and educational efforts effectively. The religious scholars belonging to different disciplines are working day and night to bring this social and religious reformation in our society. It is encouraging to see that this centers is striving to encourage young writers and thinkers to participate in this reformative movement.

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Al-Maqsood Magazine is one of the most effective tool that is help reforming our society. This magazine is not only catering all sorts of personal needs and interests of people of all walks of life but also reform and train the individuals of all strata of society. This list of topics included in this range from the Holy Quran, Tafseer, Fiqh Islami and all other related topics pertaining to individual religious and social life. Besides this, particularly, this magazine takes up the topics related to modern Fiqh issues to guide people in Islami Fiqh in changing times. One can find business and sports news for the interests of young people. There is a special portion set for medical prescription of sick people. Thousands of people are benefitting from this publication.
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We have a system well placed to market these publications. All these books and magazines are available to buy at all centers of Islami Roohani Mission. These publications are also available online on the website of Islami Roohani Mission (www.irmglobe.com). These books are in pdf format easily downloadable free anytime. Besides this, information about how to subscribe or buy these publications can be had through mail.