Ahl-e-Taswuf (Awliya or Sufi) teaches meditation to enlighten the heart quickly or to achieve the higher rank among friends of ALLAH. There are four barriers or lpevpels in the way of achieving spiritual purity.

  1. World
  2.  Creations
  3.  Satan
  4.  Nafs-e-Ammara

The person cannot achieve higher degree of Iman unless crossover the above mentioned things the first stage of Muraqbah (meditation) is self analysis after this analysis, the love of world life, creations impart of Satan can be suppressed, as well as all thoughts feelings and emotions are centered at point, this point is known as the first stage of Marfat by Sufees. If we summarise the definition of Muraqbah so it is that the man should always remain in the belief that he is seeing ALLAH if not than at least that ALLAH is seeing him, this stage of Iman is known as Ahsan.