Allah has sent human being as His vicegerent that he can both defeat the devil and render his services for propagating the word of Allah (kalimatillah) across the world that the people who have gone astray can be guided towards the right path. For a long time the chain of Allah’s prophets including the last and final messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) taught people to do virtues and to refrain from the evils. But still, today people are in need of being guided and taken out of the wrong ways; so for the fulfillment of the need the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “there is no prophet after me(Muhammad) but to guide people my vicegerents keep guiding people till the LAST DAY.” Allah almighty has blessed upon us by joining us all with the golden chain of righteous people who are Allah’s vicegerents starting from Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) till our beloved and perfect vicegerent named Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi Mujadadi. Allah almighty has bestowed our beloved vicegerent the high level perfection for guiding people spiritually that whoever meets him one time he wants to remain in his (the saint’s) company for good.

The righteous always plan for people’s benefits whether it be worldly or for hereafter. Feeling the same curiosity our beloved mentor (Mehboob Sain) also renders his services voluntarily following the sunnah (the way) of the saints of Islam. He also has given authority to some of his disciples to give Zikr e Qalbi to others in order that the virtuous tasks can be spread across the world.