The big reason for increasing problems in society is illiteracy. Avoiding modern and specifically religious education is an important issue in our society. There are the people at the age of fifty and sixty, who even do not know the Islamic laws of purity and impurity, obligations of obligatory bath and the method of prayer. Another important issue is the extreme involvement of business, employment, and domestic activity that makes people away from basic and obligatory knowledge. Islami Roohani Mission offers solutions to both issues in the form of Al-Maqsood Quran Network.

Islami Roohani Mission has organized educational institutions by the name of Al-Maqsood Quran Network. There are the facilities of teaching Quranic education, Nazra, Rules of Quranic Recitation (Tajweed) and Memorization of the Holy Quran (Hifz) to spread Quranic education in the society. These educational institutes also facilitate education for adults to increase the rate of literacy. The prays recited by Holy Prophet (ﷺ) (Masnoon Dua’en) in different occasions of life are also taught to memorize here. There is no chance to develop any society unless there is special training for character building, Therefore, Al-Maqsood Quran Network is fulfilling the responsibility of character building.

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In the department of Tajweed-o-Nazra of Al-Maqsood Quran Network, students are taught the recitation of the Holy Quran, correct punctuations, different accents of recitation and rules of recitation.

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All these students who prove their eligibility and wish to memorized the Holy Quran following their own and parents will, they are taught to memorize the Holy Quran under an organized and promoted system of Al-Maqsood Quran Network. With the memorization of the Holy Quran, revision is given specific importance so that they have ever perfect words of the Quran in their memories.

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There cannot be any conscious one who is unaware of the importance of discipline. Al-Maqsood Education System does not only teach discipline to students but also pass them from a practice session of it. This curriculum is not limited to any specific department but it is compulsory for all students of Nazra, Hifz, and basic modern education. The students are specially taught the rights and etiquettes in this curriculum. In addition, the students are given Islamic information also. Another important part of this curriculum is personality development in which the personal skills of students are focused on increased.

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The importance of basic education cannot be underestimated even in developed societies. Being a part of society, human being willingly or unwillingly involved in many such activities for this basic education (reading, writing) is compulsory. Through the system of Al-Maqsood Quran Network, reading and writing skills are taught to increase the rate of literacy. It’s especially for those who are not able to attend any school punctually because of overage and also for those who are busy in their domestic, employment or business activities.

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It’s a Quranic verse description that “what prophet gives you, accept it”. There is another verse explanation is, “Oh my beloved prophet! You hold the highest office of kindness”. Man has been doing something always and at any time but when the method of these actions is changed positively, the action is blessed. Life of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) guides us completely how to pass a good life that modern science also accepts and also makes us learn the prays of daily routine to bless all the actions in life. Man has to perform willingly or unwillingly his all daily routine actions. It is very better and beneficial to add recitation of Masnoon Dua’en doing all our actions as our Prophet (S.A.W.W) recited accordingly. Al-Maqsood Quran Network has organized a curriculum of “Masnoon Dua’en” (daily routine prays of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) to make the student learn and practice in their daily routine. Some of the important prays are as following:

Prays before, after and between eating food, Pray before drinking milk, Prays before and after sleeping, Pray before wearing cloths, Pray before traveling, Pray while watching mirror, Prays before leaving and entering the house, pray before entering and after leaving the toilet, etc.

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The branches of Al-Maqsood Quran Network are not only spread Karachi City but in Sindh Province and also all over the country Pakistan. This series is also being spread internationally. INSHA ALLAH.

Al-Maqsood Quran Network Branch:

(1)Orangi Town (Urdu Chock     (2)Orangi Town Lal Shahbaz Nagar (3)Orangi Town Allah Wala Road Chandni Chock         (4)Orangi Town Sabri Chock  (5) Buldia Qaim Khani Chock          (6)Liaquatabad 5 Number (7)Liaquatabad FC Area Al-Maqkaz Maqsood-ul-Uloom (8)Surjani Town 5-B (9)Jamia Masjid Diar-e-Mustafa (10)Surjani Town L-1           (11)Jamia Masjid Ghosia(12)Surjani Town 6-B (13)Surjani Gulshan-e-Noor Khuda ki Basti  (14)Korangi Town  (15)Orangi Town 10 Number (16)Jasmhed Town Manzoor Colony (17)Landhi Town Shareef Colony (18)Gulshan-e-Hadeed (19)Malir Town (20)Gulistan-e-johar (21)Gulshan-e-Iqbal (22)kimari Town (23)Gadap Town (24)Saddar Town (25)Garden Town (26)Nazimabad Town            (27)Gulberg Town (28)North Karachi Town (29)North Nazimabad Town (30)Peshawar (31)Islamabad Sector-D (32)Rawalpindi Fizaeya Colony   (33)Lahore   (34)Sargodha (35)Fatah Wala (36)Dawood Wala (37)Sahewal (38)Sahewal Chak No.8 (39)Sahewal Mid Mali Shareef (40)Cheechawatni (41)Chechawatni Chak no 38 (42)Kasowal (43)Kasowal Chak No 14/L (44)Borewala Markaz (45)Melsi (46)Bahawal Nagar (47)Dunga Bunga (48)Taleah  (49)Raam Pura (50)Khanewal (51)Mian Channu (52)Jahanian (53)Multan (54)Shujahabad (55)Lodhran (56)Jhung City (57)Shor Kot (58)Laiyah (59)Toba Teck Singh (60)Chakwal (61)Raheemyar Khan (62)Attak (63)Rajan Pur (64)Muzaffar Garh