The changes occur in the world as life goes on. Research is the only way to avoid being disturbed by changes on a daily bases. If research had not been done, man would still have burned rocks and lived in caves. Therefore, it is very important that research work is done over time.

Research is a process that has never been less important but is growing. Its need is many times more than it was yesterday. The world has revealed many of its hidden secrets because of research, with its advantages and disadvantages that humans were unaware of.

It is research that has driven humans out of caves and moves them to the houses, invented light for the dark, suggested alternatives to exhausting labor that allow hours work to happen in a matter of moments, struggled to save lives by discovering cures for many unknown diseases, identified thousands of harmful and beneficial things and in addition, research is the reason for numerous benefits.

If today’s society is to be observed then the society which has given importance to the research process is prominent in all societies around the world in simple words it is called or developed society, on the contrary, in societies where research work is not done, life seems to be tight and difficult.

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The society where research is given importance is several years ahead of societies where either research is not being done or compilation is being don only in the name of research. It is imperative that the research should be given at most importance in all current field for any society to move with time and the world in the present. If we ignore any of these factors of research, such as social, economic, religious, political, pedagogical, organizational, productive, subversive, writing, investigative, entertaining and any other factors of research, we destruct our society with our own hands. Therefore, it is very important to create an environment of research in every society so that every person has a research concern there. In view of this concern, the research field has been setup at Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual & Modern Sciences under the supervision of Islami Roohani Mission to try to achieve the above stated objectives.

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The Patron in chief of this research department (Research Centre) is Prof. Dr. Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi (May Allah forgive him) who has gathered a collective team of experts in present Researchers, PHR Doctors, Research Scholars, Honorable Muftiyan, Teachers of Ahadith, Engineers, Philosophers, Advocates, Psychiatrics and men of logics for standard research and made the a part of this department.

These are the areas where work has begun at the research centre of Al-Maqsood University.

1) NCQH – Department of Natural Sciences in Quran & Hadith:-

Among the many Articles in Quran, the topic listed following has been made a part of research. In order to understand these topics. The traditions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) as well as relevant research articles are put in front, more over the experiences and observations and made on them.

  1. Humanity ii. Botany iii. Zoology                 iv. Physics
  2. Chemistry vi. Astrology vii. Psychology

2) SAI – Department of Social Aspects of Islam:-

The present problems in our society are also a part of our research to get rid of them. It we find solution of discovered problems of society, The society will develop. So the experiments and observations are made on Sociology also. There are the areas of this department.

  1. Traffic Laws ii. Use of Mobiles & Internet

iii. Tools of Information Technology

3) ISUPF – Department of Islamic & Scientific Understanding of Physical Fitness:-

In their department  i. Swimming   ii. Jogging       iii. Games       iv. Exercises  are the field of research to find out their advantages for human health.

4) AMCI – Department of Analysis of Modern Challenges to Islam:-

In this department, the research an Islamic Philosophy is in progress where scientific observations about Islam are also discussed. Problems, Contradictions, blames and whatever the challenges face Islam are the parts of research. The areas of this department are as follows.

  1. Logical Analysis in Islamic Philosophy
  2. Islamic Philosophy & Scientific Observation

iii. Controversial Issues of Islam

  1. Misconception & Misleading about Islam
  2. Allegations on Islam
  3. Modern Fiqh

5) IF – Department of International Affairs:-

The following areas are included for research under this department.

  1. Political Sciences
  2. Islamic Political System

iii. Political Challenges for Umat-e-Muslimah

  1. Blasphemy Law
  2. Freedom of Speech

6) CDU:-

In this department, the efforts are being made to develop a curriculum that will provide qualified and trained students to the nation.

The curriculum should be standardized to help enhance student’s ability to scale is not memory but ability.

In this field, research will be conducted in these topics.

  1. Learner’s Need
  2. Trainer’s Development

iii. Environment Analysis

  1. Social & Religious Needs
  2. Content Development Unit
  3. Content Compilation Unit

7) RSDU – Research Skills Development Unit:-

In this department, the work is done to build the capacity of exploration and skills of research to make it interesting, easy and comprehensive for increasing the number of research scholars.

The areas are focused in this department.

  1. Course of Research Methodology
  2. Research based Lectures

iii. Fatwa Nawaisi

  1. Debate on Controversial Issues
  2. Research Article writing
  3. Study of research papers

In addition to this department, the Department of Translation and Broadcasting are also organized. Research articles papers and journals will be released the department of broadcasting, while useful content will be translated from Urdu to English and Arabic, from English to Urdu and Arabic, from Arabic to English and Urdu, under translation unit.

A research library and a research lab have been setup to successfully launch. Standard work in all fields mentioned. In addition, several research scholars have begun research work under the supervision of expert supervisors. These Research Centre al Al-Maqsood University but also visit various research centers and universities when they need.

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In the near future, the scope of these research centers will be further expanded. In this regard, more centers are being setup for research and work is underway to expand the research fields. The purpose of this academic and research work is to develop young people who have prominent place in society, seeing these people every one want to be like and they will beneficial for the country and nation. INSHAALLAH.