A society where the education system has become a business, it is not less than a blessing of God to provide quality education at a very affordable fee.       “Al-Maqsood Schooling System” is not only provided quality education without the fear of paying too much tuition fee but they are also given spiritual and ethical training. On the one hand, where the curriculum of the “Al-Maqsood Schooling System” is transferring basic knowledge into the students in a modern way and on the other hand, it is also performing the task of training them up on the Quran, Tajweed and Islamic Ideologies. “Al-Maqsood Schooling System” is very well aware of the value of intelligent students. They are not only given scholarships during their education, but support and counseling are also given to them for their higher studies.

The target of “Islami Roohani Mission” is those poor and downtrodden areas where parents are unable to get their children admitted to high-class schools. In the “Al-Maqsood Schooling System”, students are given admission at a reasonable fee and on easy conditions, 20% of the students are those whose parents cannot afford their education expenses. Therefore, many good people associated with the “Islami Roohani Mission” bear their educational expenses every month. So that this system can grow and expand even more.

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A curriculum has been prepared in the “Al-Maqsood Schooling System” which has been a masterpiece itself. In this curriculum, students have been provided a vast collection of Islamic Information. Students have been provided awareness regarding Islamic months and the important incidents taken place in those months. According to this syllabus, students are taught especially the rights and manners of different occupations living in this society. Not only this, but this curriculum also enables the students to memorize essential prayers (Dua’en). The main quality of this curriculum is that instead of just seeking knowledge in a traditional way, such activities have been prepared through which students can make that knowledge a part of their lives by only acting upon it.

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In the schooling system running under “Al-Maqsood Schooling System”, Urdu is taught as a national language, English is taught as an international language and Mathematic is taught as an on the modern idea. General knowledge, Science and Computer are the subjects that have been included to make the students compatible with modern requirements. While after the primary, different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in detail have been included in the curriculum. “Tarbiyah” the curriculum which has been prepared at “Al-Maqsood Research Centre”, is compulsory for the students of all standards.

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In the school system of “Islam Roohani Mission,” a special consideration is given to English contents, writing and listening besides Urdu. First of all, the Arabic language is for the safety of Islamic Ideological borders while the English language is considered compulsory to ensure one end to benefit others with modern English knowledge. To master the languages skillful teachers, forums, audio/video visuals, and libraries have been arranged.

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The students of the Al-Maqsood Schooling System are taught recitation of the Holy Quran and its different styles, Accents, and pronunciation. Such students who showcase their abilities and which to memorize Quran are given an opportunity to memorize the Quran under a strong and featured system. The teaching of the Quran (Nazra) is compulsory for the children. So that the students may complete the whole Quran with basic rules of “Tajweed” while they may also memorize some “Surah’s” with their translations.

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In the school system of “Islami Roohani Mission”, scouting has got important significance for the physical and mental training of the students to develop and utilize constructive and intellectual abilities. In scouting, learning through the process and service to humanity is of paramount importance to the coming generation. In this regard, the “Department of Welfare Issues of Scouting” has established a gradual training system of “Boy Scouts Association” for the students of schools and colleges by the classification of classes. The training courses including first aid, self-defense, camping, hiking, and other sports have got importance significance.

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This is a manifestation that the actual purpose of education is to give guidance about the awareness of students’ view & awareness of natural laws of the universe and the world. The most important quality of the school system of “Islami Roohani Mission” is that students are given opportunities of technical training according to their interests and subjects which is important for the students of senior classes, Scouting and Computer Courses have been arranging for the students in Al-Maqsood Schooling System under the supervision of skillful teachers. While stitching, embroidery cooking and mehndi are also included in the training under the supervision of experts. These students are given certificates after being examined from the authorized institution.

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“A/O Level (s)”

It is also an important target of Al-Maqsood Education to establish the Cambridge and Oxford system institutions for students because it is enlightened like daylight that many students of this system paying a very heavy amount of fee and seen unaware of ethics, etiquettes and the discrimination of good and bad deeds. It is also a bitter truth of this society that the students of this system reach the destination of worldly development easily than the students of local schools and also get a good position in practical life. So, Al-Maqsood Education System is planning for the students of this system to adorn them with Islamic Ideas and thoughts as well as the moral, mental and spiritual training of these students can also be provided.

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One of the main goals of the Al-Maqsood Education System is to educate at a reasonable fee from the curriculum prepared according to the modern education system and Islamic Ideas to as many people as possible. On The one hand, public should be saved from the oppression of the business community in the name of education, on the other hand despite having a good education, lack of moral training is hurting and damaging the society that should be resolved Al-Maqsood Education System wants to spread the network of these schools at regional, urban, provincial, domestic and international levels so that everyone can be given an excellent education with the best moral training at a reasonable fee.               INSHA ALLAH