Shajrah Shareef


ALLAH (SWA) has praised Holy Prophet (_____________) in the versed of Quran Holy Prophet teaches Owan and purifies the companions, teaches the book Hikmah (wisdom). The softly of Quran is done through Huffaz and Qurans (Reciters and memorizers) while the responsibility traching of this book is taken Ulma Ikram, as well as the duty of purification and teaching of Hikmah (wisdom) is taken by Sufiyah. They all fulfill their obligatory and take care of their responsibility. The record of lineage of their teachers and mentors or __________ is known as pure pedigree.

  • All praise is reserved for the Greatest Being, Hundreds of blessings and Salaams for Mustafa (The Holy Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhai Wa’aalehi Wasallam).
  • Truth and Purity be granted for sake of Siddiq-e-Akbar (Abu Bakr), Grant your love for that Faithful’s sake.
  • Bestow your blessings O Kind! for sake of Salmaan Farsi, For sake of Qasim (Bin Muhammad) the Master of Saints.
  • My Nafs be overwhelmed for sake of Imam Jaafar (Sadiq), For sake of Qutub of the world, Baa Yazid (Bustami) the king.
  • Khwaja Abul Hasan Khirqani, the king of saints, For sake of Abul Qasim (Gurgani), Peer of Peers and companion of God.
  • Man of bounty and excellence Abu Ali (Farmidi), Shaikh of the world, For sake of Khawaja Abu Yousuf, virtuous and trustworthy.
  • Khwaja Abdul Khaliq Ghijdwani, the saint, For sake of Shaikh Arif Reogri, that Guide to God.
  • Make my afterlife pleasant for sake of Hadhrat Mahmood, For sake of Pir Ali Ramitani, the fellow of God.
  • Khwaja Baba Samaasi, the dignified and perfected, For sake of Sayyad Shamsuddin, the sovereign.
  • The greatest Ghaus, Qutub of the worlds, the Supreme King Naqshband,For sake of Shah Baha’uddin Bukhari the beloved.
  • My heart may shine with the Greatest Name O God! For sake of Peer Ala’uddin, the devoted worshiper.
  • Free me of troubles for sake of Hadhrat Yaqoob (Charkhi), For sake of greatest saint Peer Ubaidullah (Ahrar).
  • For sake of Hadhrat Zahid, the perfect Reluctance be granted to me, For sake of Shaikh Durvesh Muhammad, the Master.
  • Grant me weeping and lamentation for sake of Khwaja Amkanki, For sake of Khwaja Muhammad Baqi Billah, the Purified.
  • The King of awliya, the Deputy of Mustafa, the honorable, For sake of Hadhrat Mujaddid (Alf Thani), the compassionate.
  • Bestow your perfect passion for sake of Hadhrat Masoom (Faruqi), For sake of Shaikh Saifuddin (Faruqi), the master and the guide.
  • Forgive my fault for sake of Hadhrat Mohsin, For sake of Noor Muhammad, the perfect and pious the spiritual guide.
  • Shaikh Habibullah the martyred, Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan, For sake of Khwaja Ghulam Ali, altruistic and courteous.
  • Abu Saeed Shaikh Ahmed Dehlavi, Custodian of the time,For sake of Ahmed Saeed Faruqi, the sun of guidance.
  • O God! Your friend, Dost Muhammad (Qandahari) the beloved, For sake of Hadhrat Uthman (Damani), abstaining of all except God.
  • Hadhrat Muhammad Laal Shah and Pir Sirajuddin, Remove the darkness of my heart for sake of these shining faces.
  • Faiz (spiritual bounty) of Fazal Ali (Qureshi) pours over Arab and Ajam, (non Arab) Reward me for sake of (Shaikh) Fazal Ali, the bounty of God.
  • Deputy of the Best of Prophets (Muhammad S.A.W), Hadhrat Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar, Show your kindness upon this meek, for sake of that Compassionate.
  • The ocean of blessing, the lord of compassion, Hadhrat Allah Bakhsh,
  • This prayer be accepted for sake of that holding the highest cadre in spiritualism of the world.
  • A perfect spiritual guide, a knower of the Reality and the creation that exists, our beloved Sheikh Maqsood (Elahi)
  • Open the undisclosed secrets of Eternity by the sake of this pious one.