Spiritual Oath (Bayt)

It is an obvious rule that a man also is in need of a teacher or trainer either for learning or doing anything; then the teacher or trainer makes him also a teacher or a trainer using all his efforts.

It is a fact that even for a minor level learning or skill we need a teacher or a trainer, so for heart and soul purity and for the beginning of a purified living there should be a teacher or trainer for the objective. The teacher or the trainer is called mentor (Murshid) the terminology of spirituality. Because he himself has passed through the whole journey from as being a disciple (Mureed) to being a mentor under the supervision of his own mentor in learning all spiritual lessons and good etiquette too. Thus, he now himself renders his services for guiding and training people. Islam emphasizes on both getting knowledge, being obligatory, as well as having the company of a righteous man in order to keep ourselves purified with heart and soul. As a matter of fact both things mentioned above are equally important for being successful. As it is mentioned in the Quran (9:119) “O you who believe have fear of Allah and join the righteous people’s company.”