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Spirituality (Tasawwuf)

The companions of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to act upon only Quran and Hadis and nothing else. Every individual of that group was aalim, pious, thinker, teacher, were such virtuous.

If the leash of horse fell down they used to mount off the horse to pick up the leash themselves , did not ask anybody to assist them. The Islam was at the top highest position at the time of companions, but after the reign of Khulfa-e-Rashideen the love of this world grew in the hearts so Islam started to decline. This was the prime time for people to select either this world or the life hereafter. At this stage the Awliyah ALLAH (God fearing people) followed the rules of Shariyah and guided others to the same path. Hazrat Hasan Basri, Malik Bin Deenar, Hazrat Habib-e-Ajmi, Fuzail Bin Ayaz and Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham (R.A) etc. belong to this era.

When the leaders and emperors left the path of Justice and equality, brotherhood and fraternity and cruelty and tyranny become the part of their ruling, the public become dire angry with the leaders so these people (saints whose names are listed above) migrated from cities to Jungle. Public started to visit them for internal purity and spirituality, so as a system of a “Khankah” started to grow and public got training spiritual training centers, When these Sufis saw that the Islam was declining or the teachings of Islam were not spread to any part of the world so they used to leave their homes to settle in those areas to preach Islam.

Holy Prophet P.B.U.H Said “Worship ALLAH as you see him, If not, so have belief that ALLAH S.W.T is observing you” this state of Iman is known as Ahsaan. The way (Tariqah) of achieving this high stage of Iman is Known as “Tariqah” or “Taswuf”.

Silsila means a spiritual golden chain of love and devotion from Salik (Student of Tariqat) or disciple and his teacher, Shaikh (mentor) to the Prophet (S.A.W) through Awliyah companions  and companions of the companions of Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

Four branches of the Salasils are very renowned to be discussed among Salasils.

  1. Silsila-e-Alya Naqshbandiya 2. Silsila-e-Alya Qadriyah 3. Silsila-e-Alya Chishtiyah 4. Silsila-e-Alya SohorwardiyahThe example of the classifications of these Salasil is like the four schools of thoughts,
  1. i) Hanafi     ii)   Maliki     iii)Shafa’ee     iv) Hambli, like in medical fields
  2. i) Homeopathy     ii) Aelopathy    iii) Acupuncture          iv) Herbal etc.

The division may be on the difference of opinions but the root and foundation is same, similarly the foundation or root cause of all Salasil is to get spiritual health and connection to the spiritual golden chain.

The Silsila was found by Hazrat Baha Uddin Naqshband Bukhari (R.A) and the pedigree of this Silsila leads to Hazrat Abubakar (R.A). The teachings of this Silsila are very specific specially about acting upon Shariyah and Sunnah. To follow all commands of Shariyah internally and externally is mandatory and obligatory for every individual. Piety and reverence are given priority. The Naqshband people try their level best to act upon extreme obligations and don’t prefer easy doings.

To attain the higher spiritual power and close friendship with ALLAH (SWA) Zikr, (Muraqaba) Meditation and gathering with Shaikh is very important.

The exclusivity of this Silsila is to provide Zikr-e-Qalbi at the first stage while in other Salasil it is given after many Azkar and Meditations.

Silsila-e-Alya Qadriyah

The founder of this Silsila is Meboob-e-Subhani Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) The piety and purity along with Shariyah are strictly followed. To gain internal purity, to follow Shariyah in daily life is Strictly observed. Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) not only preached, but also acted upon it very carefully. He advised three things for common Muslims to be followed in every situation:

  • To remain satisfied on the injunctions of ALLAH (SWA)
  • To keep abstaining from unlawful.
  • To remain satisfied on the final destiny from Lord.

The lowest rank of Iman for a common Muslim is to remain at least at the one of the above mentioned three instructions. (Futoohol Ghaib—by Sheikh Abdul Qadri Jilani (R.A).

The founder of this Silsila is Hazrat Abu Ishaq Chishti (R.A) from city of Chisht. Then this Silsila started spreading form Damashq , Sanjister , Khuwrasan and Nishapur and got its roots into Hindustan though Hazrat Khwaja Moin Uddin Chishti (R.A). The spiritual and internal purity is given more importance and to follow Shariyah at each and every step of life is very essential. The “Mashaikh” of Chisht are very humble and down to earth. They give priority to simple life over luxurious one. Their behavior towards common people is very soft meagle and forgiving. They face all hard ships pain and agony with patience and calmness and consider it the source of their spiritual up gradation.

The chief head of this family of “Tariqah” is Hazrat Shaikh Ziya Uddin Abu Najeeb Sohorwardi (R.A). Who is the disciple and vicegerent of Hazrat Abu Hafs (R.A). The foundation of Silsila Sohorwardiya was led down by the vicegerent of Shaikh Ziya Uddin (R.A), Shaikh Shahab Uddin Soharwardi (R.A). His famous book “Awarif Ul Maarif” is a very valuable book of Taswuf and a guide for Sufees. This Silsila not only specially preaches for the love and obedience of ALLAH, but also to follow Sunnah, is considered as real love of ALLAH. Shaikh Shahab Uddin (R.A) writes “The more you follow Sunnah the more you deserve love of ALLAH, The Sufis gave the top most importance to the Sunnah of Holy Prophet S.A.W.


“ALLAH (SWA) has praised Holy Prophet (_____________) in the versed of Quran Holy Prophet teaches Owan and purifies the companions, teaches the book Hikmah (wisdom). The softly of Quran is done through Huffaz and Qurans (Reciters and memorizers) while the responsibility traching of this book is taken Ulma Ikram, as well as the duty of purification and teaching of”


“Allah has sent human being as His vicegerent that he can both defeat the devil and render his services for propagating the word of Allah (kalimatillah) across the world that the people who have gone astray can be guided towards the right path. For a long time the chain of Allah’s prophets including the last and final messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) taught


ALLAH has created man as his vicegerent on earth so that they serve on earth to spread name of ALLAH and to bring the people close the ALLAH, who have gone away.
Prophets have performed this duty for a long time. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is declared least of the messenger by ALLAH so no prophet will be him but the people on the wrong path always need guidance to the right


“It is an obvious rule that a man also is in need of a teacher or trainer either for learning or doing anything; then the teacher or trainer makes him also a teacher or a trainer using all his efforts.
It is a fact that even for a minor level learning or skill we need a teacher or a trainer, so for heart and soul purity and for the beginning of a purified living there should be a teacher or trainer for the


“Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said “beware there is a piece of flesh, If it is sound, the whole body is sound and if is corrupt the whole body is corrupt and hearken it is heart”. (Bukhari: Hadis 50)
ALLAH (SWA) has sent Prophets and the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) to reform spirits and purify the hearts of people. This responsibility was fulfilled by companions after the Holy


“Ahl-e-Taswuf (Awliya or Sufi) teaches meditation to enlighten the heart quickly or to achieve the higher rank among friends of ALLAH. There are four barriers or lpevpels in the way of achieving spiritual purity.
The person cannot achieve higher degree of Iman unless crossover the above mentioned things the first stage of Muraqbah (meditation) is self analysis after this analysis,

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