Whenever a society is formed in the world, its structure is extremely weak. If the society continues to meet all the needs and struggles to seek the solution of all facing problems, it continues to grow. This first and foremost requirement for any society is education. Any society in the world that has a strong education system is prominent in the world, on the country, a society whose educational system is poor, constantly suffering.

Today we are fortunately to be a part of a society, based on pure Islam, Where we can introduce such an educational system that different societies of the world want to be a part of it but unfortunately, we have not been able to practice Islamic teaching. Because of this reason the problem of education has become so serious in our society that overtime, the rates of educated people is decreasing. In our society, the quality of education has become a memory rather than potentiality. The building of our educational standard is extremely poor and there are many errors in it. If a student is trying to attain worldly education, then one is standing in Madrasa, but only few out of any thousand are able to reach their destination by being a part of this poor system.

In these situations, There is an extreme need for an educational institution where the education system enable the students, provide education at the same time in both religious and worldly fields and nurture technical skills of all the students in order to prepare young people who will benefit the Nation and Muslim Ummah.

Consequently, Hadrat Allama Prof. Dr. Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi has founded          “Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual and Modern Sciences” There the system is set up by the expert administrators, doctors, philosophers and educationist to ensure that every student is pursuing religious education as well as advanced education in a particular area of his interest. To achieve this goal, the curriculum has been formed by combining religious and worldly education fields.

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The following departments are active under the “Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual and Modern Sciences”

Department of Nazra and Tajweed

In this department, the students are given education f Nazra Quran with its rules and pronunciation and also a detailed course of Tajweed is taught. Thousands of students have got benefit from this department while Hundreds of students are getting regular education.

Department of the Memorization of the Holy Quran

In this department, the students memorized he Holy Quran. Because of this department Hundreds of students have memorized the Holy Quran and make many other Students memorize the Holy Quran throughout the world.

Department of Dars-e-Nizami

In this department, a well planned and best prepared curriculum of Dars-e-Nizami is taught. After learning the complete course of this curriculum the students gets a very good expert in Quranic translation & interpretation, Traditions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), Principles of Hadith, Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Principles of Jurisprudence, Inheritance, Philosophy and Logic.

Department of Modern Education

In this area, three more sub-sectors have been organized.

  1. Modern Education for Huffaz:-

All these students who are getting the education of Hifza & Nazra of the Holy Quran. They are facilitated with the modern education including English, Arabic, Urdu Maths, General Science, Pakistan Studies and Computer from Primary to Secondary level.

  1. Modern Education for the Students of Dars-e-Nizami:-

The students of Dars-e-Nizami are given the facility to get the education of intermediate level in any department from Science, Arts and Commerce according to the area of their interest.

III. Higher Education:-

Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual & Modern Sciences facilitate the education to Graduation & Master level, for which the following faculties are currently launched.

  1. Faculty of Chemistry 2. Faculty of Education
  2. Faculty of Islamic Studies 4. Faculty of Arabic
  3. Faculty of Urdu 6. Faculty of Management & Sciences
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Islam is a complete code of life. From birth to death there is no any aspect in life about whish Islam doesn’t guide. Allah has revealed a complete book for the guidance of human beings. Inform of the Holy Quran and got it explained by his last beloved prophet Hadrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) in a way that the human being who need guidance he is ought to read the Holy Quran .If there is a difficulty to understand Quran, then go through the Hadith. The rules and the regulations of Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith cannot be understood briefly unless the knowledge of Quran is sought to the best. In a present time, many people limited Quranic education to learning its recitation, Some of them are seen to struggle for its understandings. Because of this reason many people keep on searching the solution of their different problems. Sometimes, They are seen searching the address of any Islamic Scholar or Muftiyan (who give solution of problems in the light of Islamic law) of their problems and seldom they decide the solution themselves which may be against the Islamic law.


In view of all these aspects, Darul-Iftaa Al-Maqsood has been established on international under the supervision of Islami Roohani Mission. More than a Hundred Darul-Iftaa Offices are launched throughout the country Pakistan and also these offices are established in some other countries. So that the people do not have trouble finding solution to their problems. The central offices of this institute is the global centre of Islami Roohani Mission, “Al-Markaz Maqsood-ul-uloom”.

Mechanism of Darul-Iftaa Al-Maqsood:

Darul-Iftaa Al-Maqsood is active internationally for the service of people of the world under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maqsood Ilahi. All the sub-offices of this institute receive questions from people, issue a code number for fatwa and post it to the Central office. The Company of Islamic Scholars and Muftiyan-e-Kiram prepare the answer of any question in the light of Quran, Hadith and issue a sealed fatwa, stamped by darul-Iftaa and Muftiyan-e-Kiram. After all this process, the issued fatwa is posted to its questioner. Al the issued fatwa can be seen on the webpage of Darul-Iftaa Al-Maqsood.

Future Paining:

Insha’Allah! In near future all the issued fatwa will be compiled according to the topics and published inform of books. So that the people can solve many problems through the study of these books. Moreover, the number of sub-offices will be increased as more as the number of beneficiates of it will go from hundred to thousands and then it will reach to lacks, Insha’Allah.

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Computer Lab:-

A large computer lab has been developed at “Al-Maqsood University of Spiritual & Modern Sciences”. In which modern computers are installed. Each student of the university gains a complimentary grip on contemporary computer courses as well as technical courses in which he is interest.


Al-Maqsood University has created on education environment that focuses on the quality of the students as well as commanding important languages. In which Arabic and English are now the focus of attention. The students studying in the environment of Al-Maqsood University are proficient in the Arabic & English languages so that they can speak, write and teach in languages other than Urdu.


The library has also been setup in the vast campus of Al-Maqsood University. There are thousands of useful books in dozens of cabinets. The library has a quiet & comfort environment for study and also comfortable chairs and tables are placed there. So students can enjoy the benefits of entertaining academic books.


Al-Maqsood University has also arranges the best hostel facility for foreign students. The hostel rooms are clean and spacious, with individual chairs, study tables and cupboards for students. Special care is taken to clean the hostel and for the necessary spray.


The kitchen is designed with all its care for residential students which is well equipped for meals, where students eat meals three times a day on schedule.


The canteen has also been setup at this university where breakfast and refreshment items are kept. In addition to this, some items have been kept in view the needs of the residential students. Harmful substances are completely avoided.


Al-Maqsood University has received N.O.C to be the H.E.C Recognized University.


1.Surjani Town(Karachi):

Al-Maqsood Institute For Islamic And Modern Sciences, Sector 6-B, KDA Flates Phase II, Surjani Town, Karachi.

  1. Burewala (Punjab):

Chak # 461, Haji Dewan Sahib Road, Burewala, Punjab.

  1. Potchefstroom:

Al-Maqsood Islamic Educational Center, Campus XII, Potchefstroom South Africa.

  1. Mapoto:

Al-Maqsood Islamic Educational Center, Campus X, Av. Base Ntchinga n193, Maputo – Coop.

  1. Potchefstroom:

Al-Maqsood Islamic Educational Center, Campus XI, Rua da escola (Fomento) n1087/81, Matola Femento, Mozambique.

Future Planning’s:-

  • Increase in the faculties of Graduation & Masters levels of the University.
  • Affiliation of the University with Jamia Al-Azhar
  • Regular Classes & Course Work of M.Phil Ph.D