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As the softy of water is very important so as the supply of water is also a great challenge. Al-Maqsood Foundation is providing services using its best possible capacities like hand pumps, R.O plants are installed and well are being dug in deserts and villages.

Specially Thar is on the priority for national services; besides this many services have been provided to people since the earthquake of 2005 and after occasional floods in Pakistan.

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Al-Maqsood Foundation has been working to provide goods and fulfill the basic needs of earthquake and flood victims. Medical Camp has been one of the basic sources to cure spreading diseases. The education of those areas was greatly in danger but Islami Roohani Mission started building Schools and Madaris to save education, while the construction of homes and camps has been the part of services.

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There are thousands of homes where daughters had been waiting for their marriage until they grew older but parents could not celebrate their daughters’ marriages due to poverty. Thousands of boys do not celebrate marriages because they can’t afford so many expenses and finally they are drifted to abbeys of decliners.

Al-Maqsood Foundation has given serious attention to this problem, a special department is serving youth in this regard without any coast, we don’t charge people like marriage beaucoup as well as the peer daughters are provided with a dowry so that they could pars their married life. We are also planning to organize the number of marriages one day at one place.

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This is unique and superb Sunnah of (pattern of) Allah and the most beloved worship to feed his creations only for the sake of Allah’s love.

The Holy Quran mentions

They spend in the name of Allah whatever we have given to them.

This teaching has got much important this time because people are exploiting each other’s rights. Each of us who gets three times the meal should think about people who are deprived of basic needs. Al-Maqsood Islamic Foundation a department of Islami Roohani Mission has started to address this problem.

Al-Maqsood Foundation provides goods on a monthly basis or especially in the month of Ramadan to the needy families, a bag of goods like Rice, Floor, Oil, Ghee, Sugar, and Soup, etc.

These provisions are not only for Widows, Orphans, Aged handicaps but also for prisoners in jails whose families could not bear their expenses. The Foundation especially look for providing these services on central and as well as on a local basis (Town-wise).

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When a person dies, the whole family and circle of friends become upset and saddened this is the time consul broken hearts with brings love, affection, and satisfaction inside and great reward from the lord.

Al-Maqsood Foundation provides services of bath and coffin and Funeral guidance to the member blood relatives through Ulima Ikram, Khulfa and trained members (Mubaligeen) of the mission.

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Al-Maqsood Foundation does not believe in begging but believes in providing employment. To provide temporary funds a donation is like making them a handicap part of society or is like making them dead, this is such a social crime with cannot be resolved that’s why Islami Roohani Mission prefers the employment department over the donation department.

Under the supervision employment depart, Firstly we provide services or jobs to the talented and educated people, Secondly, we help people in establishing small business throng limited resources for this, we give sewing machines, rickshaws, carts, etc so that these poor’s can par their respectful life.

Al-Maqsood Foundation is also planning for such projects which will help uneducated and a layman to get the opportunity to learn and get themselves educated and skilled to be able to earn for their families and don’t remain dependent on others. INSHA ALLAH.