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Islami Roohani Mission is a spiritual and reformative organization that aims to reform our society from social and spiritual ills. These are the hard times when our society is crippled under the burden of social, political and spiritual decadence. Human being are trapped and ensnared by Satanic intrusions and our spiritual state is badly tarnished by excessive sinning. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Islami Roohani Mission felt the need and has taken up the task of reforming our society of these ills. Our spiritual guide Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi laid the foundation of Islami Roohani Mission to start this daunting task of social and spiritual reformation of our society.

The aim of IRM (Islami Roohani Mission) is neither to seek votes nor money but to uproot these social and spiritual evils from the hearts and minds of the people solely seeking the pleasure of Allah Almighty and the Blessed Holy Prophet (ﷺ). IRM has launched concerted efforts to eliminate bribery, corruption, sectarianism, provincial and linguistic differences, unemployment and ignorance from our society. It promises you to prepare such individuals who are knowledgeable in religion and equally competent in other disciplines of modern forms of knowledge. These individuals are not only productive in the worldly sense but also well prepared to propagate the message of Islam to the world.

IRM holds spiritual gatherings both at the main center and provincial and regional centers to quench the spiritual thirst of thousands of people. It holds hundreds of these programs both inside and outside Pakistan to propagate the message of Islam. Thousands and thousands of people get right religious guidance in these programs and many non-Muslims enter the folds of Islam in them. IRM is equally paying attention to media and publication to disseminate the message of Islam. There are hundreds of books being published and posted free online for the greater benefit of humanity at large and Muslims in particular. The income that comes through the sale of these publication is spent on further publications and dissemination of this message. Preaching groups travel both inside and outside Pakistan to preach Islam throughout the year.

IRM laid the foundations of another educational milestone, Al-Maqsood Education System that is being run under the supervision of Islami Roohani Mission. It is a chain of schools and Islamic centers. They are spread all across the country and abroad especially African continent. This unique education system combines religious education with modern educational subjects (sciences etc.). These graduates of these schools are not only religious scholars but also well versed in different social and natural sciences.

The Importance Of Islami Roohani Mission

 Man is trying unsuccessfully to find peace of mind in wealth, fame and other luxuries of life. Constant failure to get that peace is a testimony that these worldly pleasures cannot afford anyone this peace of mind. In fact, this is against the very nature of man that seeks affinity with his creator through remembrance of Allah Almighty. True peace of mind can only be achieved through a sustained connection with Allah Almighty and in selfless service of humanity. There are people who spend whole of their life running after these pleasures of life and dissipate all their energies by running after these illusions and deceptions. The glare of these worldly things and temporal pleasures cannot afford the real peace of mind. Allah Almighty has guided some of His slaves to the secret of this peace of mind. Instead of wandering after these deceptive pleasures, these lucky people find peace and solace in remembrance of Allah Almighty and in the service of humanity. Finding the purpose of life is one of the key purposes of life that we have been bestowed by Allah Almighty. It is as clear as a day that every little thing that exists or created by Allah Almighty has a purpose, how about the human being, the crown of the creations? What exalting and grand purpose that might have? How it comes that this life is lived without having a purpose?

Islami Roohani Mission is a platform that helps finding a purpose of life. It teaches us the lesson that difficulties and problems of life can be solved if human determination stands firm to solve them. If we are determined, we can rid our society of bribery, theft, gambling, cruelty, ignorance, injustice, nepotism, sexual perversion and all forms of corruption by following the teachings of Islam. This message has a potential to produce such characters that can change the destiny of our world. Islami Roohani Mission provides such a platform where all the considerations of color, cast, linguistic and regional differences come to naught. It affords people to fulfil the purpose of life keeping safe themselves from Satanic intrusions and ailments of our social and spiritual illnesses. They come brotherly and stand shoulder to shoulder to face the challenge of reformation of this society.

The Scope of Islam:

 Islami Roohani Mission aims and struggles to expand the scope of Islam to extinction, it means to put in an effort to extremely increase the member of people in a group of human beings, who has found comfit in his life known his aim in life in tended to please his lord .

In order to fulfill his responsibility it is necessary to preach Islam to the Non-Muslims but also to protect the readers of لاالہ الا للہ   from the poison of those people who give fatwa of disbelief for their Muslim brothers by the grace of Allah. Islami Roohani Mission promoting and publishing the message of religion keeping in view of these two aspects.

 Services of Islami Roohani Mission

 Character building:-

 This platform aims that the people connected to it, they don’t only know the right s of Allah and the right of Allah’s servants but also practice them. Here, living in this society, different types of etiquettes and important aspects of personality development and their practice in life are especially focused for character building. For example, living in a society, discipline, time restraint, sense of humor, sympathy, with other people in the community, humanity, compassion for the little ones and adult respects are very important aspects to be specifically concentrated.

The “steadfastness” is a wealth that if a person does not have, all his efforts are useless. Special attention is paid for maturity and persistence of this character building process.

 Purification of soul:-

             Where the appearance of a person is important, on the other hand, the purification of the soul is important. Practicing patience, fasting, charity for the sake of Allah, Fulfilling the need of the needy, love of the prophets and the saints and trusting Allah are the means by which the soul can be purified. Two very special spiritual things are given from this platform. First is the Holy name which means to Allah’s remembrance in heart and other is the meditation which does not only give man peace in his worldly life but also helps him to achieve the purpose of life and strengthens his relation with the creator.

Build the nation:-

 This platform has basically outlined its goals in a way that it will provide brave, bold, courageous and intelligent leaders to this nation particularly the Muslim Ummah in general. It will save this nation and Muslim ummah from the diseases of nationalism, caste distribution and language differences. This platform has also promised that the detail of mineral resources, national treasures and the National institutions created by them and especially for security agencies will be known by all those who are connected with this mission.

 Where does Islami Roohani Mission works

The headquarters of this platform is located in the city of Karachi, Pakistan but its branches are spread not only in the country but also in all seven continents. All these efforts, departments under supervision of Islami Roohani Mission, Islamic Mosques, Madarsa’s, Quranic network and offices are continuously in practice. In to this the modern media is also use keeping with the high motivation and thinking of the founder patron of this platform. So that those who cannot reach the Islamic centers, Mosques, Quranic Network, Library offices will not lose this blessing.

How does Islami Roohani Mission works

Islami Roohani Mission has been serving for human beings to give him a mental & heart’s relaxation, to make him understand the purpose of and to make a perfect relation of him with his true Creator.

 1)        Gatherings:-

These general gatherings or training workshops are not only organized in Pakistan or Continent Asia but all over the world in countries and regions of different countries, through which human character is built. Human beings are not only preserved from the disease of society but they are also taught the techniques to decrease the influence of it. Moreover, good concentration is given for the purification of the soul because that is a the factor which makes human in peace and calm and relation with his real creator grows stronger. For this reason a gathering for meditation is organized and a training of the Holy Name i.e. ALLAH’S remembrance in heart is given. These training session or workshops are held on daily bases.

2)        Groups of Trainers:-

Beside the training session and workshops held in Pakistan different groups of trainers are sent to the various region of different countries of different continents. After all these efforts, it is still under concentration how to extend over this work.

3)        Literature:-

This platform does not ignore the recourses of books, DVD’s and media to propagate the message of Islam home to home. This platform uses traditional books as well as modern media to teach personal and social reforms, the development of nation, the spirit of self reflection and the mysticism i.e strong relation with his Creator. To approach all these aims, books and DVD’s as well as websites, Social Media, Print Media and Main Stream Media are the recourses.

 4)        Courses:-

Along with the general spiritual gatherings and preaching groups, some different courses are taught under the missionary department, Dawah Desk. In these courses, basic knowledge of Islam which is obligated in Islamic law is specifically arranges. These courses are taught in different centers of this platform, online and inform of Open University. Some other courses, like Imamat Course, Nazra Course, Holy Quran, Tajweed and Missionary Courses are also arranged.

5)        Scouts:-

Students are specially taught a good discipline and passing March in scouting, not only those important types of scouting training.

Some types are as follows:

  1. Helping someone in the event of an accident.
  2. Helping the public in a major tragedy.
  3. Helping traffic control for government system improvement on special occasions.
  4. Protecting and assisting other in the event of a fire.
  5. Self Defense: Self defense and protecting family during any unpleasant incident.
  6. First Aid: Training of first and immediate aid to protect until he reaches the hospital


When does Islami Roohani Mission works

The services of all the departments and institutes operating under the Islami Roohani Mission continue on a regular basis, 24 months a year, 30 days a month, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without exaggeration.

All these services are offered annually, monthly, weekly and on daily basis as well as on a specific occasion.

For example, under this mission gathering for the reformation of people is arranged on international level annually, moreover these gatherings are set on district or town level weekly & monthly. Same routine is set for national, provincial and local groups who leave for preaching Islam.

This process of general gatherings and missionary groups is also scheduled on important & specific religious as well as national occasion.

Scouts training and Islamic courses are designed on annual basis, but also in condition of need town, these courses are organized printing of different types of literature continue on daily basis. The I.T team of this organization feels important to unitize internet for religious, re formal and personal training and fulfilling their responsibilities with heart and soul.